Current bio

Hortense Julienne has showcased her love of food over the years through several food blogs as well as a published book of recipes designed for food banks’ users -see The Bank Cook at Bank Cook led her to become a monthly food presenter on her local radio for a full year promoting cooking on a budget.

She supports living healthier and has a passion for promoting meat and dairy free recipes to highlight just how easy it is to create decent meals without them in a flexi-diet. A few years ago, Hortense’s drive to spread the accessible meat and dairy free message led her to create a mini recipes book for Marks & Spencer to highlight the need for them to diversify their vegan ready-meals offerings. She was delighted to hear they loved the idea and would take her suggestions on board.

Hortense loves nuts & seeds. After offering her original snack – AKA Nang SweetPea® – as a signature gift to friends and family for over a decade, she finally took the steps to launch her healthy snacks range. Miss Nang Treats was launched in 2016. The brand now has 15 original nuts and seeds snacks with super food attributes.

Miss Nang Treats won the 2019 LUX Life Nuts & Seeds supplier of the year – UK award and Most inclusive Luxury Nuts & Seeds brand of the year 2020.

Hortense was also a finalist in Red Magazine/Harper Collins’ search for African’s rising star chef competition in 2016.

This entire journey has cumulated to produce the Plant-Based For Carnivores. Hortense is still driving her ‘diversity in a plate’ message by releasing today her first for-sale cookbook for those ready to explore meat & dairy free cooking. “Plant-Based Ideas For Carnivores” is a real adventure.

Hortense also shares her time supporting small charities as an advisor. She is also an active volunteer for many local and international charitable organisations like Small International Development Charities Network SIDCN as well as a Trustee for Peace Child International.

Hortense has recently featured in the  February/March 2021 edition of Speciality Food Magazine and is currently featured in the May 2021 edition of Heath & Wellbeing magazine in the UK.

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