Hortense_015 Crop BW featThank you for visiting my website!

This is just an information page about my activities and my various websites so here we go:

It all began with a Daniel fast during lent 2013 click on the following link to read about it: http://nashdoes-a-daniel.blogspot.co.uk/

The idea of lent 2013 was to prove to sceptics that eating vegan does not mean eating cardboards and nut roasts. At the end of it, over 1500 people had visited the blog and that earned me a 4-page display in a glossy woman magazine by May 2013.

no, it is not me on the cover
no, it is not me on the cover

Following the success of the extreme vegan Lent, I decided to create two other food blogs; one to continue on the Vegan theme and the other to show off my creative side with all the other ingredients… So, http://all-vegan.blogspot.co.uk/ and http://thefoodnutter.net/ or https://thefoodnutter.wordpress.com/about/ were born. The vegan blog has had over 11000 hits to date (19 April 2021), the Lent blog has had 10700 hits and the Nutter has over 3000 hits.

great for coffee tables
great for coffee tables

In 2014, I was inspired to write my first recipe book… Not for sale, but dedicated to Food Banks’ users. That is a section of our society that seems to be looked down upon… Creating a worthy recipes book using a typical food parcel contents was my way of letting them know that God cares for them and he has used me to serve them in that way and pass on the message. Along with the book a website was set up to allow people to download and print copies of the book for their local foodbanks.

rice pudding page
The rice puddings page

The book, called The Bank Cook is available to download at http://www.TheBankCook.com. So far the website has had over 13000 hits and has earned me appearances on 3 radio shows and few national and local newspapers & magazines.

time article

Since releasing The Bank Cook, I have been asked to become a voluntary food contributor on my local – Croydon Radio -.

Something completely new to me as I never thought I could do such thing and talk so much about food… I try here to focus on foodbank, low budget and vegan food essentially. Listen to some of the shows on Croydon Radio podcast; show called the Saturday show with DJ Tom.

Alongside the radio show, I  created yet another website to allow the listeners to view and download the recipes discussed during the show. The website is called http://www.MadeByHortense.com.

The other aspect of this show is the fact that we ask listeners to suggest what I should cook for the next show and it has been really good. So, check out http://www.MadeByHortense.com and leave a comment.

June 2016: I entered and were finalist for a food writer competition organised by Harper Collins and Red Magazine… A very enriching experience which reassured me that I was doing well in my journey.  Feel free to download my competition entry (Cameroonian Food) from the following link .african-food-sample-low-rez.

December 2016: I have finally found something to sell… Candied Nuts  starting with candied peanuts named Nang Sweet Pea Original. It is a luxury snack, moreish and very addictive. Check it out at www.MissNang.com follow the page on facebook by clicking here. Like the page and place an order please… As you will se on website, these can be used instead of Wedding Favors, they can be packaged as special gifts, sold in cafes and delis… Send me a message if you’ve got questions…

Miss Nang Treats logo

Below are a selection of treats that are available on the website: Nang Cashew-Beet, Nang Charco-Al, Nang Cin-Almonds.

Miss Nang Treats has since won 2 awards  and featured in one of the best gourmet magazines (Speciality Foods Magazine).

April 2021…My first commercial cookbook – ebook

Have you ever wondered what vegans eat?!

being a finalist in Harper Collins/Red Magazine’s chefs competition in 2016, I have finally written my very own commercial cook book. It is a visual feast showing off plat-based food in the best light possible. Cooking recipes in this book is a real adventure worth riding.  Flick through the book here.

Now that more carnivores are trying to eat more plant-based I though it would be great to give them a cook book that is full of vegan food without telling the that it is vegan. Lol. In the book there are vegan main, vegan starters, vegan desserts an vegan snacks. Well worth the detour.

Grab a copy here.

The journey continues and you will be likely to have updates by visiting my other websites as this one is just a holding page for my name dot com. Thanks again for visiting.

I can be contacted by twitter to @hjulienne or by email to nashjulie9@gmail.com. Follow me on Instagram at MissyNang

Every blessing.


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